Illuminating a classic novel

Our game-in-development brings relaxing paper dolls cosplay to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Player-readers will be able to linger in the world of Longbourn, Meryton, and Netherfield Park while collecting, styling, and sharing Regency fashions for Elizabeth and Jane Bennet. The story and events of Volume 1 in the original novel unfold in the form of daily letters, gazette announcements, historical references, and more. The paper dolls are just the first of several mini-games and crafting activities designed to integrate smoothly with the full novel. Developed on Unity.


Building an artisan studio

Minerva Interactive is a women-founded, inclusive startup dedicated to creating digital play adaptations of classic books. We are designers, artists, writers, and developers who are passionate about expanding the ways in which readers engage with literature, interactive media, and each other.


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Minerva Interactive illuminates classic books with casual games, cosplay, crafts, fan-generated content, and more. We enjoy making friends. Drop us a line to be added to our mailing list. (We do not sell or share contact information.)

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