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About Minerva Interactive

Or, How We Illuminated a Classic Novel

We illuminate novels in interactive media. Starting with the beloved classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the following tenets make up our "north star" for app design:

Immersive Storytelling. We illuminated the first volume in Jane Austen's most famous novel with adaptive character studies, historical notes about the Regency period, and interactive diversions that reflect the social interests of the time.

Aesthetics Matter. All of the art, from the beautiful environments and lighting to the dolls and fashions, was hand-crafted and then carefully layered in Unity. Original music evokes the romance of Austen's England.

Contextual Integrity. Considerable research, along with thoughtful input from Austen cosplayers, went into the design of the paper-doll forms and all the wardrobe items.

An Unabridged Author. Presented in our highly readable novelogue format, Austen's original prose is presented faithfully, with only light editing to modernize spelling and some punctuation.

The Minerva Interactive Team

One amazing author wrote Pride and Prejudice. The collaborative effort of many talents and disciplines adapted it into an illuminated novel.

Yvette Kirby Waters is a freelance strategist-writer and storytelling nerd. Her career in console and PC games, theatre, and indie film--plus boredom with zombies and dystopia as narrative drivers--spurred her to start up Minerva Interactive.

Yvette is a fan of genre fiction, a game player, a world traveler, bilingual, and a magpie. She loves cooking, red pandas on Instagram, Baby Yoda, and anything to do with astronomy. She is beyond grateful for the fierce talent and dedication of this team.

Susan Burgess has dedicated her career to creating experiences at the intersection of narrative, technology, and design. A non-conforming Seattleite, she owns neither tent, hiking boots, nor compass but she always knows which way is up. She prefers green tea to coffee, has zero tattoos, loves cats (the animal not the production), and a stylish and comfortable shoe.

Ashley Rivas is a game designer and Unity developer living close to Seattle, where she soaks up the rain and injects Starbucks straight into her veins. She cosplays, takes photos of anime figurines and other toys, and shoves sugary treats into her mouth as she’s working in Unity. 

Ashley is a mom to 5 fur babies and new mom to one human baby, and spends her precious free time crafting and creating. She couldn’t do what she does without her husband Daniel, and loves fitting in D&D time with him wherever she can.

Yuuki Jia is a Seattle-based game concept artist. It is her great pleasure to work with such a wonderful and caring team! She created the game character faces and the room interiors with the hope of combining historical immersion with an appealingly modern experience in this fictional reality. 

Yuuki freelances as an illustrator and visual development artist. She also dances, reads novels, and tries to write some when drinking too much tea.  

James Waters has a long career in technology and primarily works on the creation and testing of software. He enjoys retro-video games, cooking, and the outdoors--hiking and biking are favorites.

When not working or in the wilderness, James can be found engineering or brewing something in his shop, or leveling up his farming skills in the raised-bed garden he built.

Allie Jones is a composer with a Bachelor’s in Music and English Literature. She loves any project where she can incorporate both parts of her degree, especially if it gives her a chance to write music set to stories. She cosplays, likes to play the darkest piano pieces, and draws poorly drawn stick figures. If she could, she would run into the ocean and pretend to be Captain Nemo as she sails the seas in a submarine. 

Allie also makes music for her Twitch channel where she plays story driven games, drinks coffee, and rants about Star Wars. 

Kristina Colburn has forged her career as a versatile project manager who can cross domains and industries to see that the outcome is reached on time, on budget and in scope. She got her feet wet both in commercial airline simulations development as well as working on the Backup Flight System team for the Space Shuttle. She has been a PM in small startups all the way up to large teams as Program Manager and Scrum Master. 

Being the Release Manager for Minerva has allowed her to check the bucket list item of releasing a game title on Steam.


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